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The REAL Pokemon…

I found these Pokemon lurking about. They must have escaped from cartoon world.


Name: Mudkipz. Special Power: Turnip bloater.
Good or evil: Good.
Likes: warm rugs. Dislikes: turnips.

Thorny Devil

Name: Thorny Devil. Special Power: Consider every possibility stare.
Good or evil: Undecided.
Likes: Herbal tea. Dislikes: Trampolines.

Dumbo Octpous

Name: Dumbo Octopus. Special Power: Electric ears.
Good or evil: Very evil.
Likes: killing and torture. Dislikes: Bourbons.

Pallas cat

Name: Pallas Cat. Special Power: Sonic wisdom.
Good or evil: Good.
Likes: tuna. Dislikes: Justin Timberlake.